About the Designer

And Her Love of Design

Designer Anna Nelson

My name is Anna Nelson and I am a designer. I've had a passion for creativity my entire life. My love of colour and form led me to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and a Post-Graduate Degree in Multimedia Design. This is where I thank Mom and Dad for investing their hard-earned money on my talents (thank you!).

Several years ago, I was given the opportunity to design and manage a Decor Centre for one of the GTA top homebuilders. This is where I gained extensive, hands-on experience working with finishes, learning the home building process and working directly with homebuyers. I learned the importance of being detailed, patient and a "design mediator" (especially when couples couldn't make a decision on finishes!). My eight years of experience in the building industry, topped with my natural flair for colour resulted in people asking me to please, please help them with their home!

I love working with people and the whole process of design.

My Personal Life

I live in Toronto, ON and I have two amazing kids and a supportive husband. I'm a foodie, a lover of wine and I absolutely love to immerse myself in design magazines and books. I'm also a bit of news junkie, lover of art and travel. Favourite celebrity designers: Candace Olson, Brian Gluckstein and Kimberly Seldon. So, that's me. If you choose to work with me, I promise that you won't be disappointed!

Work With Anna

If you want to work with Anna or you have questions for her, simply contact her today.

“Working with Anna is like having a friend who is always looking out for your best interests. She is your ambassador of negotiations and very budget conscious. Her logic and attention to detail make her the great designer that she is. I've had a few colour consults with her over the past year and she has helped me tremendously. Consider yourself lucky to work with her!”

Stefanie C.
Toronto, ON